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Configuration for Sinumerik 840D sl 4th axis - Help needed

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Configuration for Sinumerik 840D sl 4th axis - Help needed

It's my first time with CAM and 4th axis. I'm trying to make Fusion 360 work with DMG Mori CMX 1100V and Lehmann EA-510 rotary.

After many tries with configuration I finally managed to post program that will run on mill (at least simulation), however there is some weird behaviour.
Programs mostly works, but sometimes it makes 360° around the part. I checked program and it looks like it does it when rotary changes direction (screenshots attached to this post). I tried changing some settings in machine configuration in Fusion, but no luck yet.
I'm using regular post processor for Sinumerik 840D available in Fusions post library.
What should I look for? Did I missed some setting in machine configuration or is it something in post itself?
Rotary can do multiple full 360°rotations, it's not limited from X to Y °.

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Hi @nfilipek 


can you please share the gcode created and tested on the machine?

I am not sure it is coming from the highlighted lines.

As there is no A value, it should have kept the same as previously, not moving the A axis at all.



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in reply to: serge.quiblier

It does it when it comes from highlithed line to the next one.
It moves as it should with linear and rotary untill this line, it moves in straght line on highlited line of code and when there is move in another A direction in next line, it does 360 degree move around and then it's fine until A changes direction again.

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in reply to: nfilipek

Hello @nfilipek 


several issues can be causing this.

As this is not easy to diagnose and fix, i will need more material.

(See for example


Can you please share your post processor, the eventual machine configuration file you are using, and the Fusion 360 file, please?

This will allow me to do some testing on differents points.


You can either share a link to your Fusion file. See:
or you can save an archive (f3d, or f3z) and share it on the forum, or put it on a share file website and send the link via private message





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