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complete noob here and need help...

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complete noob here and need help...

hello everyone, Im haveing problems adding a large chamfer too my tool path. i keep getting warning and wanted to now if anyone has a solution. hope fully the link to my part below with help. ayn help would be appreciated. Thanks

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in reply to: bbolyard82

I'm also an amateur but ill try my best

What is the warning message?

Also how are you trying to achieve this chamfer (Ball Nose, Big Chamfer Cutter, Hog Nose)?


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in reply to: bbolyard82

Yes, what @connor_kilgour said. Could you share a file or an image that actually shows what you're running into when trying to machine that feature?

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: connor_kilgour

all im tring to do is creat a 15.75 x 13.75x 1 Block with .5x45 chamger in one side. I am usung a .5x90deg chamfer mill and whould like it to take multiple passed with nstep down, I setted the 2dn- chamfer mill path and the select the 45deg surface in this is the message i recieve.


Feature flags: setup-sheet-viewer


Warning: Empty toolpath. If you are machining a chamfer that is modelled, try setting the Chamfer Width and Chamfer Clearance to 0


Generation completed with 1 warning(s) in 210.0ms.


Warning: Empty toolpath.

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in reply to: seth.madore

is the anyway for me to share the complete file to see if anyone can figure it? not looking for someone to do it for me, i really to need to know how myseld. thank you
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in reply to: bbolyard82

ok i figured out the downloadable link if any want to take a lookm and see what did wrong. Thankes everyone in advance.


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in reply to: seth.madore

i figured out how to send a downloaded link if you can this wear im doing wrong. im assuming im missing something easy. please lmk. Thank you

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in reply to: bbolyard82

The first link you posted had the program and WCS but the second link you posted didn't have anything, so I have used the first link. 


First of all, I haven't taken the time to look at the speeds & feeds, or depth of cuts, so you might want to take a look over it before running it.

This is personally how I would do it. 

I have created two toolpaths - first one clears most of the material with the 1" cutter you have, second is the chamfer itself. 

I'll briefly explain what I did, but let me know if you want a more detail response 🙂

So what I did for both toolpaths is create a pattern folder where I selected the angled edge as the direction. In there you can choose the spacing which in this case is your tool stepdown. From there I then created a 2D Contour and Chamfer. You'll then see Fusion copies the singular toolpath and repeats it in the direction you chose with the spacing you selected.


Hope this helps.


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in reply to: connor_kilgour

Thank you very much!!! Thats exact what I was looking to do. Im only a few days in on learner Fushion 360 and my first real attempt at tooling/posting a project. The feeds and speeds i can adjust no problem but am very curios if you have a step by step discripton or video you can link me to becuase i tried everything including 2D contouring andn chamfering but i must of been doing it wrong. Also, how to you properly upload a 360 file to the forums? Thank you very much for your help and quick responce.



Bryan B

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in reply to: bbolyard82

Yea completely understand, I'm very new myself so my methods may not be the most productive

I have made a quick video on how I did it, hopefully this gives you more of an understanding. 

The empty toolpath error you were likely getting was in 2D chamfer, there is a thing called Chamfer clearance, unless the chamfer is up to a shoulder, I leave this set at 0. You'll see in the video 🙂

In regards to the file uploading, what I did was export it to my desktop as a .f3d file, then drag and drop the file into the box below the text box when writing a reply or post




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in reply to: connor_kilgour

Followed your video step by step and it worked perfectly!Thank you very much!





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