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Colors after update?!

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Colors after update?!

What happened to selection of geometry contours and stock contours in last update?

Colours are illegible and when I selct geomtry it somehow covers edges beneath it so I have to rotate model to select for example stock. 

Why know I go into stock options to see what is selected. 

What was the problem with yellow colour for stock and blue for contours? Why it was changed?

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in reply to: maciej.halas

Stock Contours is still yellow though, right? (well, a shade of yellow, closer towards orange)



Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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@maciej.halas Could you share a recording of the issues you are seeing ? Or some pictures for us to better understand your issue.


Also could you share the path to the following file “gfxtheme.json”. Its roughly here:






Rasmus Pedersen
Senior Software Engineer
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in reply to: maciej.halas

Hi, I recorded geometry and selection.


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Hi @maciej.halas if you have a non-english letter in the path to the file "gfxtheme.json" then its likely CAM-42716.
We are working on a fix for that, though I cant provide an outlook/date.

For now you should be able to workaround this by installing Fusion 360 on a different user account that doesn't contain any non english characters. (Similar to this other user

Again I am sorry about but this. 

Rasmus Pedersen
Senior Software Engineer
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in reply to: maciej.halas

HI, thank you for your reply. I noticed one more thing. On the selected geometry contour I don't see the arrow that indicates the direction of milling. 

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Hi @maciej.halas if this is on an installation where windows user has non-english characters in the account name that could likely also be a symptom.

If you have another account with only english characters and you still see graphics issues related to MFG selections please let me know and perhaps add a screenshot+video. Also might best to make a separate new forum post for that. We are looking at the forums actively.

Rasmus Pedersen
Senior Software Engineer

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