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collision detected while threading

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collision detected while threading

I have been trying to cam operation to the workpiece but for some reason, while performing turning thread operation to the job collision are occurring while doing a simulation of the operation. 

I tried it with different models and different parameters but am unable to avoid the collision. It seems to be happening with other users from youtube also as I tried to follow their guidelines for flawless execution.

you can find the part under data panel>Cam samples>Tutorials>Tutorial6




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You are starting thread from back side and driving tool in rapid mode into solid stock.

You cannot fade beginning of threads so you must start cutting from front using left hand tool and running stock CCW.

Simulation still shows crash at the end of each pass but that's known bug in Fusion.


If you don't have left hand threading tool. use right hand threading bar rotated 180 degrees in holder.

That I cannot define in Fusion but basically it is oriented just like left hand turning tool, insert pointing up and running with CCW spindle rotation.


2021-05-03 11_58_22-Window.png

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Ah, just noticed you are a student ,.... so assuming you are just learning the programming stage of it?

I made depth of threads 1mm just to show some thread depth, not actual specs.

Also 29.5 degree infeed angle is called "modified infeed", tool primarily cuts with leading edge of insert and .5 degree difference from tool angle results in trailing edge kissing back wall of a thread as too progresses deeper, making full 60 degree profile on last pass.

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