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Cold Rolled Steel Frame workflow.

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Cold Rolled Steel Frame workflow.

Hey There, 
I am wondering if there are any one out there has used fusion to create and program for colled rolled steel frames for the likes of Framecad and Howick Framing Machines. 
Currently I have seen a workflow in solid works and want to try and implement a similar workflow in to fusion. I understand that you would need to obviously draw the profiles as a sketch and build the frames in a similar way to weldments in solid works but I have recently stumbled across a basic software which allows you to specify the overall size then the spacing of studs and noggins, I will then export a CSV file wich can be run on the machine, this will include all the service holes, screw holes and notches in the appropriate location. Super simple but only csv export. I would like to achive similar in fusion. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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