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cncGraF 7.1 postprocesor

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cncGraF 7.1 postprocesor

Hi folks!


Someone has workable CNC graf 7.1 post processor? I one find, but does not work tool changer.

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What is the code format that you need? Do you have any g-code samples that you can provide to give us a better idea of what your needs are? What Post Processor did you find that didn't have the tool changer options?

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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  • I have CNC Polska group milling plotter. Now we working to ucancam and after them transform .nc format to cncGraF Pro with SMC5D-P32 controller. My designer all drawingsa make at Fusion 360, and after them CNC operator all drawings need rebuild to ucancam format. It is very complicated as we wasting time. At this moment we cant find any normal post processor for CNC Graf at Fusion 360 library.  We looking a other places , but this time no one processor not normally works. CNC-page-001.jpg
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Do you have any g-code samples you can share? Put them in a .zip file and share it to the forum

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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I send you a sample g code file what we used. The nearest post processor which we trying is the acramatic.

Link where download file -
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Great, looks simple enough. We will look to make a post for it.

Bill Cain
Sr. Technical Consultant
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Hello kaspars.mezapuke


Does this machine support both Metric and Inch?

Bill Cain
Sr. Technical Consultant
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Hello kaspars.mezapuke,


Please send me a Private message with your email address if you want to test out a beta post I made for the cncGraF

Bill Cain
Sr. Technical Consultant
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I have the same problem. The following post-processor seems to work nice for 3D-milling but doesn't support a rotary axis. Any idea what I can do ?

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p.s. @billcainautodesk I would also be interested to test any beta-versions.

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Hi Bill,

I am switching from another 3D system to Fusion 360. My plotter is based on cncGraF and I am looking for a postprocesor. Can you help out? 



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@przemek_p_czarnecki @kaspars.mezapuke @jaegerhuf-abbyy 

If none of the generic posts are not providing the required output, I offer post processor development services and happy to work out a solution for your machine! Message me if I can be of further assistance.

If my post answers your question, please use Accept as Solution.

Fusion 360 CAM Post Processor Expert

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