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CNC: Machine file vs Post processing file

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CNC: Machine file vs Post processing file

So I'm having a hard time understanding this. I tried to search the forums and just through google, and found nothing. ๐Ÿ˜•


What's the difference between a CPS file and a Machine file?


If I'm using a machine that ISN'T on the fusion 360 list, do I need to get both a CPS file AND Machine file?



Thanks in advance,



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I assume this thread was moved from another forum. Please do not cross post.

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Hello @downthedrainstudios , @johnswetz1982 


John, you are partially right, in your answer.

But it also means you are partially wrong.

Let me clarify the "problem".


The .machine MUST be used in 2 situations actually.

When you are using the machine simulation, you need a .machine that is referencing the 3dmodel for the machine, and contains the kinematics and machine capabilities.


In the Additive workspace, for creating an fff toolpath, you NEED a .machine file, or else no toolpath will be created.


For milling and turning, we can now create toolpaths, and post process, without needing to associate a .machine file.


But the plan in the near future, it to spread the use of the . machine configuration file.

When dealing with 4-5 axis mill or 3-??? axis turn mill machine, it will be a bonus, allowing to create a kinematic in this file to use with a generic post.


If we have for example a MPOL 4 axis mill, and a FRED 5 axis mill, the kinematic will be defined in .machine files, but we could use the same R45T post for both machines.


For the specific case of @downthedrainstudios , at the time, the .machine file will not add anything to the workflow.


Hope this will clarify the role of both files for others Forum visitors...


Have a pleasant day.





PS : Yes John, i also cross posted... ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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