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Clearance height opposite to fusion file

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Clearance height opposite to fusion file

Hello, I'm totally new to CNC and to Fusion 360. I tried exporting a Gcode file to my post-processor (Win PC-NC) and I bump into the next problem. According to my Setup view and the simuultation my Clearance height seems ok (10mm, just as I entered in the menu). But when I import it in the post-processor the Clearance height goes in the opposite dirrection (it goes down instead of up, right into the material, this is -10mm instead of 10mm). I have tried everything I could think of, changing settings in different menu's but I can't find where the error is. can someone help me out?

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Pictures dont really display well unless you attach them using the embed/Camera icon.


Your problem is probably that you are incorrectly setting your work coordinated position between what you have in your fusion file and what you have on your machine. It sounds like you are setting it on top on your fusion file but on the bottom on your machine.


Otherwise File>Export>*.f3d and attach your fusion file to see your setup.

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Here you have the file you requested.

If it's the work coordinated position, how can I change this?




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Is were you can check your WCS point. It looks like you pick the bottom of the stock in fusion so you should be picking the same on your machine.

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Thanks for al information.

The problem is I don't know how to pick the point on my machine. Should I do this in the post-processor?

The only info that I can find in Win PC-NC is:

Park position: X= +257,36, Y= -65, Z= -10

Scaling factors: X= 1, Y=1, Z=1

Tool lift: Z= +10

Zero point: X= +17,27, Y= +149,09, Z= +134,75

Working piece

from: X= +295, Y= +420, Z= +9,99

to: X=0, Y=0, Z= +9,99

Or should I do this somewhere else?

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I think you need to review how to set work coordinates for your machine/control specifically. Normally you would call the tool and length offset then use that to set your work coordinates. On a hobby machine that is usually done by lowering the tool and using a piece of paper to "touch off" the tool on your work piece then there should be something like "set work offset" or "measure work offset". 

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I've done several millings with my machine starting from simple ai (illustrator files), never having a problem. I always lower the tool en use a piece of paper to touch of. That's how I define what the post-controller calls "zero-point" (and what you probably call "work offset"). That always worked for me. The clearance height was always in the right direction. It's only with the fusion files I get the problem.

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I think your title says it all. You have Probably have 'Reverse Z axis direction'  selected in your post. When turned off it outputs code like I would expect with the exception of no G53 so raise/home your tool before hitting cycle start. Reverse Z.jpg

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Do you mean I selected "Flip Z-axis" in the set-up? As you can see, in the image you've sent me back of the set-up I did. But I only did this after trying it without flipping it. But if I flip it or not the result in my post-processor stays the same. (In my post-processor there is no option to reverse the Z-axis.)


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I did find it! It was in the menu Import setting in my post-processor. I will run it now and will let you know if it works.


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The default is to to have Z axis flipped. I changed the option in my example and that is why it shows as blue text. You need to check that box when posting a program for any additional settings and options.

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It works. Thanks a lot!

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