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Clarity of sheet labelling in Nesting report

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Clarity of sheet labelling in Nesting report

Good day. The labeled sheets provided in the nested report are unreadable. Is it possible for me to tweak this or can anything be done? See screenshots below.





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in reply to: nate.glg

Well, that don't look so good now, huh? I'll send this along to the Nesting team, see if they have any feedback (Nesting isn't something I've used any more than "oh, that's how this works")

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: seth.madore

Thank you, that will be appreciated!
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in reply to: nate.glg

Is it acceptable to switch the length/width for the sheet? in the file seems the sheet's length is less than width, and it can't be displayed well. should be a limitation right now if length is less than width. we may think of a way to improve it. 

Amy Liu (
Senior Software QA Engineer
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in reply to: nate.glg

A solution would be much appreciated! Now, it is impossible for the cnc operator to know which part is which, and which label belongs to which part. Pretty essential feature if the number of parts in a nest increases. I need the cnc operator to know to which label should go on which part.

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in reply to: nate.glg

Any progress on this? Still not useable. Seems like such a shame to have this feature, but keep it completely unuseable due to too improper scaling and too little resolution... 


Solution  would be very much appreciated. Our operators need a way to identify the nested parts for sorting. 

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in reply to: seth.madore

It's been 19 months now. Any update on this topic? 


It's great that there is this nesting algorithm that works quite well, but then the entire feature is crippled by the simple lack of an ability to print the part identifications.  This report is completely unusable. 




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