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Clarification on 2D Bore cycles

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Clarification on 2D Bore cycles

1) Why does it machine the helix at the feed rate, and not the ramp rate? This is annoying when you want to ramp/rough at one speed, then do the finish pass at a slower one.

2) No finish rate. Same as above. 

3)No keep tool down. Not sure why it needs to raise to the clearance height before cutting the final circle? Is it because it applies Tool Comp to the entire cut, and not just the finishing pass?

4) Why don't the values of DOC/Angle match/correlate? If I set the pitch to 3*, it will still toggle to the default .039"/1mm as a DOC. I want to see, numerically, if the angle I set is actually working properly (think of very small spirals) and matching a DOC I have in mind. 

5) Thanks

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I mean you should be controlling for internal circular / external circular feed anyways. I have a calculator I use and always manually set the feed rate to what's needed to approximate the bore dia realative to effective cutter diameter, otherwise you won't be on size and need to comp different amounts for every different bore, and running cutter comp on a 1/4" endmll for a 3/8" bore and a 1/2" bore in the same Setup would require different comp values vs adjusting for feed would only need one comped value that would work for all


I template my known good bores for common diameters and insert them in, that way the feed is locked properly to the dia I am cutting

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