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Circular command- No stepdown option on chamfer mill?

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Circular command- No stepdown option on chamfer mill?

This might be a question with a really simple answer.


I'm using the circular command to cut a large chamfer with a small tool.

When selecting a 3/8 chamfer tool, there is no option in Passes for stepdown.

If you change it to a 3/8 endmill, now there is a step down option.


What's up with that!?



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There are very few options for multiple stepdowns with Chamfer tools. Trace has Multiple Z Offsets, 2D Contour has Roughing Passes (which is X/Y, not Z).

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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I think you can just change the tool type from chamfermill to tapered mill in the tool definition, and you will gain Z offset passes (but lose chamfer option in the toolpath, tho this is easy enough to calculate).

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Thanks for the clarification! I didn't realize how much the tool type would change tool path options.

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2D contour did the trick for a much smoother cut on a big chamfer.
A couple .020" radial step overs was far easier on the tip of the tool than the circular tool path.
Thanks a lot for the help!

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