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cir clip groove speeds and feeds

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cir clip groove speeds and feeds

Hi all I have a little machine i usually cut aluminum with it with a 3 flute 1/8 endmill with a feed speed of 1000mm/min, a doc of .4mmand radial engagement of 1.5 mm. i am trying to put a circlip groove with a cutter 4 flute 6mm in cutting diameter .5mm thick. ive tried slow and fast and engagement down to .01 mm and it still doesn't seem to cut well.

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What is the machine and what are your workholding conditions? Do you have a variable spindle speed, and how fast are you spinning the tool?

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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that would have a big impact lol. it is a 3018 style machine but all rebuilt with linear rail and ball screws and a .8kw spindle. i can vary spindle rpm from 5000 to 24000. I have tried quite a few diff rpms. I did just see that this bit is made for stainless so i ordered a bit 3 flute made for aluminum to try but that will be here tomorrow.

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I would try 15000 rpm .5 mm doc. .2 mm axial

600 mm/ min. You will need lots if lubricant

wd-40 works and air gun.   It should buzz when it cuts.

it will be messy and loud.

If it squeechs.  Check mill tram.  Take less cut add lubricants

6061.  Not 5000 series

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awesome thank you ill try that and get back . it is in 6061 t-6

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