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Change tool number information

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Change tool number information

When you change the tool number, you don't get any information that you actually did it.
Or if you have to change the number of several tools, you don't know which ones you have changed numbers on and which ones you haven't.
Would it be possible to get, for example, a * before each tool number that you have modified the tool number. For example, Featurecam has this * in front of the tool number after changing it.
As in the picture here, for example, I have changed the tool number to 1 2 3


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Are you not satisfied with automatic sorting? In any case, there cannot be two different instruments with the same number. Automatic sorting will do everything for you.

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For example, if I have 15 tools in a job and want to run a job in a different machine than the one I usually run in. 
We have several machines with over 2oo tool locations and the same tool is not always in the same place in each machine.
Then it can be good for them to be able to see which tools have changed places

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