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Change tool for multiple operations

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Change tool for multiple operations

I use a machine that is for lack of a better words "communal" at a teaching institute. We generally have a standard set of tools but on occasion a tool is not available and I want to substitute the next best alternative from my library in. As far as i can tell the only way to swap out a tool is to edit each operation which seems slow.


Is there a way to change the tool for multiple operations?


I made a quick (one minute)  video to help illustrate. I realise the video only involves two ops which would be very fast to change but more ops means more changes etc. and it seems like an obvious function of the tool library.







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You could edit the tool in your document, editing the tool once it's in your document will not affect the tool in your library. It's a shame the tool is not available in compare and edit so you could select a different tool for a block of ops.



Mark Hughes
Owner, Hughes Tooling
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in reply to: HughesTooling

Agreed that is an option. But means manually editing it back if/when the desired tool becomes available. I have to admit I also expected to find it in compare and edit...


Would be nice to see tool swapping become an option but i suspect it is not a common problem for commercial operation. 

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in reply to: djowen40

Compare and edit is simply missing the tool option. It is a not a feature request but an oversight.

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in reply to: djowen40

+1, this is tedious

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in reply to: djowen40

+1 Man we need this

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in reply to: djowen40

Are you looking to change more than the tool number?


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in reply to: jeff.pek

Replace the tool in multiple Operations

As an example: You use hole recognition and this creates several operations, now I want to specify a countersink tool in several operations, for example, which should be the same for all operations ... I have to call up all operations individually and change the tool.

I know what you were getting at.
Change the corresponding tool in the tool list, but that would be an unprofessional solution!

Or another example, I use operation templates for different actions, now I want to use the same tools for all actions so that I don't need an unnecessary number of tools.


People have been asking for this feature for so long!


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in reply to: djowen40

The reason I asked what I did is that it would be super-easy to allow Compare and Edit to show the tool number, so it could be changed for multiple operations. But, it gets more complicated if you want to fully replace the tool. I'm guessing that just changing the tool number is not sufficient, but wanted to check that.



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