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chain start and end extension lengths, preserve order, finish passes climb cut vs conventional

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chain start and end extension lengths, preserve order, finish passes climb cut vs conventional

can we PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get this fixed? when you select multiple chains, in 2d contour for example, you have to go to each and every chain to modify the extension lengths. Being able to modify different extension lengths for individual chains is excellent, but in some cases there are dozens of chains and I would like to have them all with the same extension length. Can we please add in an additional option or something to "edit all" extension lengths rather than having to click on every single chain? this is quite time consuming and to be honest really frustrating it hasn't been addressed or fixed yet in any of these updates..... 


 Also, it would be awesome if we had some up and down arrows to move the chains in our list to modify the order they were selected when using "preserve order".  Also very time consuming to go and reselect all of your chains if you made a mistake on the order... 


Lastly, I have been mentioning this for literally years and I think its crazy this isn't a thing from the start. but when we do a 2d pocket or 2d contour with roughing passes and "both ways" and sideways compensation set to "left" why does the software randomly make the final finish pass at a conventional or climb cut pass when we clearly set the compensation type to left and the software posts a G42?  If anyone former machinists are working in development over at autodesk they would know that conventional passes in a CNC produce poor finishes.  There should definitely be an option to force the final finishing pass to either climb or convention (left or right).   Yes , there are workarounds such as duplicating the toolpath and making your finish pass the way you want and also selecting preffered starting points (but the latter doesn't always work)


I hope to hear other users feedback on these , In my opinion these would make the software that much better (and i would stop complaining haha) ,  I really hope autodesk considers these.....


thank you,


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1) Multiple Chains and Extension lengths. Stay tuned for an update in the not-too-distant future. We've got a solution for this.   🙂

2) The arrows for ordering. I don't think we have anything hard and set in the pipeline for this, but I've seen some technology that would be nice to leverage in this field. Conversations have been had, but only at a casual level.

3) Is it ALWAYS the case where the last pass is handled as a Conventional pass?   (I'm still a machinist, so I feel your frustration)

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Hi Seth,

        thanks for the reply. Im excited for the solution on the extension lenghts, thats great to hear!    the arrows would be awesome if you guys did consider it a little further, this would just be a slight improvement to save users time and "clicks" , the arrows are the least of my concerns though out of the 3 mentioned topics and I have learned to just be extra careful when selecting my chains in the proper order, I do look forward to anyting coming from this in the future.


Regarding the finish passes, it isn't always but seems to be "random" and about 50% of the time. It seems the software is more focused on choosing the best place to start the toolpath and letting the finish pass end up whichever way it does rather than forcing the finish pass to whatever the user decides and then offsetting outwards from there (if that makes any sense...)


Thanks again

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