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Center drill not going to correct height, and Rapiding when it should feed?

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Center drill not going to correct height, and Rapiding when it should feed?

Hello I am running into an issue with the spot drill on this part. Im pretty new to fusion. I may have some settings wrong in the heights tab? but my question then would be, why does it look right in simulation and be completely different out at the machine? When I try to run just the first 2 tools out at the machine. The face mill seems to be fine. But when the center drill comes down. its about .300 above the part. and when it gets to the feed height of .200, It rapids into the part? Ill attach the file below. 

Thanks, Scott

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Just to clarify. Im having 2 different issues. One when I run the program on the machine the center drill height is about .300 to high? but in the simulation it looks very good?


2nd issue is the feed rate portion. after the tool gets to the .200 height to start feeding it rapids into the part. Thankfully I didnt hit the part to hard because the tool height in the first place was too high.

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The problem with the center drill is in the heights tab.  

  • Clearance height is the Z to rapid to at the beginning and end of drilling all the holes.
  • Retract height is the Z to rapid to between each hole
  • Feed height is the Z to rapid to before changing to a feed move
  • Top height is the Z where the hole starts
  • Bottom height is the Z where drilling stops (hole bottom isn't really useful for selected point geometry)

In your file; the top height is -0.45 and the feed height is +0.2 above that (since 'From' is set to top height)
So it will rapid -.45+.2= -.25 into the part then drill to nowhere. 


It starts about .3 above the part because the setup is using stock top as Z0.0, and there is a .075 stock offset from the model that you are facing off in the first operation. So .075 + the .2 in the drill cycle = .275 above the faced surface.


So here I have used hole top for top and hole top with a -0.45 offset for bottom. This will rapid to .4 above the stock at the beginning of the operation, rapid to +.2 in between each hole, and drill (feed) -0.45 into the part. 





As to why the simulation on yours looks ok, I'm not sure. I think its probably something to do with the warning on the drill cycle:

warning.pngcombined with how the post interprets the drill cycle. 



I've edited the drilling in the attached file to the way I normally would do it, using selected faces in the geometry tab. 

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   Thank you for a Very Good explanation of what was happening. And what I had wrong. I figured I had something messed up in the heights tab. there's not much out there on center drills, That I could find. Seeing the simulation look right, Through me off as well. I was not paying attention to the Warning symbol in the tree list. I "WILL" pay much more attention to that now! 

   I Really appreciate your help. I will also reply after I have tested it in the machine.


Thanks, Scott

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Just Reporting back. I have ran this on my machine and everything works good now😁. Thanks for All your help!

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