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Cant figure out how to fix Tool orientation and work offset not specified

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Cant figure out how to fix Tool orientation and work offset not specified

I have some molds im machining and having an issue with just facing off all 6 sides. All facing and chamfer sides that have tool orientation set up will not post. The top and bottom are good but the sides and ends of the stock will not post. I looked it up and found this link but can not figure out how to fix it.  Here is a file with all the facing ops but I have stripped the actual model because I can not share the part file. Also including some screenshots. 


The log file says G54 is not set and tool orientation not supported.  Im like I DO have work cord set.  Please help me fix this.

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in reply to: BillGEGHV

For each side you have to set an new WCS in the tool orientation 


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in reply to: snrperformance

Ive done that haven't I?  Can you show me what selections to make because Ive made several changes in the tool orientation dialog and it keeps failing, What Im I missing? 

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BTW this is only 3 axis milling no 4th axis or rotational moves. Ive watched some videos on tool orientation and seems like Im maybe programming these facing ops wrong.  IS tool orientation supported for 3 axis milling operations like this OR do I need to create multiple sets ups for all my facing on each side?  

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Do you actually have a 4th axis>


because if not you need to create multiple setups rather than use tool orientation.


Tool orientation is only used for multi axis machines, and in some special cases 3 axis machines with angle heads etc.

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in reply to: a.laasW8M6T

Gotcha, No 4th axis on this machine. Thank you much!

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