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Cannot get Fusion 360 to generate toolpath for the dot in exclamation point

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Cannot get Fusion 360 to generate toolpath for the dot in exclamation point



I have created a template that I will be milling out of Aluminium.  When trying to create the toolpath, for some reason no toolpath is being created for the dot of the exclamation point.  The tool that is being used is smaller than the dot so it should work, so I can't figure out why it isn't working.


I have attached the file - can someone have a look at try to work out why the toolpath isn't getting generated?


Note: I have tried generating the toolpath in both "Flat1" and "Flat1 (2)"


Any help with this issue will be greatly appreciated

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in reply to: psychochook

Not sure why that won't generate, I can't seem to get it to pick up the dot either. 


That said, you're greatly overcomplicating things by using the Flat toolpath for that operation, because you select all the pockets as boundaries and then ask it to look for flat surfaces within them with rest machining turned on, which takes ages to calculate... just use a 2D Pocket operation instead?


You're also not going to be able to fully machine that logo with the 1mm tool as many areas are less than 1mm wide.

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I realise that I can't mill all of it with a 1mm bit.  The second Flat is using a tapered .25mm bit to pick up the parts that will be missed.

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