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Cannot arrange component despite ample envelope size

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Cannot arrange component despite ample envelope size

I have a component that measures 213mm x 332mm.  When I attempt to arrange it onto an envelope 300mm x 600mm in preparation for cutting, I get an error stating that "Not all instances of the part can be arranged in the selected area.  Try selecting fewer parts or enlarging the area where they will be arranged."



I get this error regardless of how large an envelope is defined.  I've tried creating a new component by projecting the component onto another sketch but the same error occurs with the new/copied component.


I can manually align the component onto the envelope and it fits.  However, this doesn't help as I have numerous other parts I wish to auto-arrange onto the same envelope.


Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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You have an error in your imported sketch. Looks like some of the lines are duplicated and you've got an incomplete section. Resolve that and Arrange works just fine 🙂


Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Thank you!  The various holes were created by combining the rudder with the other parts and cutting the intersections.  I enlarged that part in the positive Z direction to ensure the hole would extend past the rudder's top curved surface.


Other than pulling sketch lines around, is there an easy way to identify overlapped sketch lines?

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