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Cancel Probed Rotation

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Cancel Probed Rotation

I've created a program that uses a probed rotation (Haas NGC), but I want to limit the use of this rotation to the next 3 or 4 toolpaths only. Can the probed rotation then be cancelled by way of a ManualNC Action? For now I've hardcoded a #194=0 command into the NC program but I was just wondering on other ways of commanding the post to no longer output the rotation.

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is it not as simple as sending a G69 command? Then g68 to re-enable when needed.

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The post outputs the G68 command on every toolpath after a probed rotation is carried out. I guess I'm looking for a way to switch the "flag" within the post processor?


The code does contain the necessary G69 command before a toolchange etc. but then a G68 is automatically commanded on the next toolpath.

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Depending on your order of operations, you can throw the unprobed toolpaths into a new "setup", but post them out together into one file. Could even be probed, not, probed again for example.

Does a manual nc put a g69 after the inserted g68? Why are some toolpaths not supposed to be rotated? 

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I've tried the multiple setup suggestion but I get exactly the same behaviour.


I have some features that need to be rotationally correct to another pre-machined feature, hence the reason for only certain toolpaths requiring the G68.


Thanks for your help so far

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