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Can you copy a set up from one file to another?

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Can you copy a set up from one file to another?

I have tried does not seem to allow  would save more than a few keystrokes

I can copy tool paths

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in reply to: jscott6SWZG

Yep, CTRL+C and CTRL+V will do it just fine. Are you not finding that to be the case, and would you have a screen recording of these issues?

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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The dilemma with a screen cast is nothing happens.....and I still haven't figured a screen cast out???

What screen cast should i use (windows 11)

I got to the file the set up is to be copied from....

I left click right side button to activate it.

I right click on the set up title then select copy from the drop down.

I go to the destination file select manufacture

Right click on set-ups

AAAhhh there is paste  

got it. i wasn't see the paste label, and didn't select set ups with ctlc and ctrlv

Thanks a lot


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