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Can viewing Gnomon in upper right corner be aligned with WCS in Manufacturing?

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Can viewing Gnomon in upper right corner be aligned with WCS in Manufacturing?

Is there a way to get the viewing gnomon to align with the WCS while in Manufacturing? It's quite a hassle to manually go through the options to try to get it correctly aligned, especially if the model origin is significantly different. Thanks!

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Why do you want to do this? I cant think of any benefit as its an arbitrary coordinate system

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While programming I prefer the model to line up with the way it should be oriented in the milling machine. Twice now I have accidentally mounted my tooling block the way it is shown on the screen, but the x and y machining directions were not as anticipated, x to the right and y up. When I go to top view, I expect that x is horizontal and y is vertical. For me it would be so much easier...I guess it's a Mastercam thing, that orientation on the screen always aligns with the way the part is mounted on the mill. Much easier to know and visualize exactly what is going to be happening. Thanks.

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I would suggest putting your tooling block as a separate file and inserting it (as many times as needed) into a Setup with the Origin visible for an easy WCS reference



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in reply to: brkWHWS2

Fusion always displays xyz on the part itself. Mine has always been like that but maybe it's a toggle somewhere in the display options on the bottom of the screen


The issue with manually aligning the part to the gnomon is that its going to be different for every op you program so it won't be correct at least half the time

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in reply to: brkWHWS2

Let me expand a little. You are absolutely correct the the WCS is an arbitrary thing, but very important in the machining process. There may be several different WCSs utilized to machine a part. If they could be aligned with the viewing gnomon, then it becomes easy to see what is going on in each operation, and possibly catch mistakes or oversights. If a WCS could be aligned with the viewing gnomon, top view would always show the xy extents, front view would show xz extents, etc. Each setup may have a different WCS, but by aligning with the gnomon, one can see exactly how it's going to behave in the milling center.

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I meant the gnomon is arbitrary. Wcs are calculated


I'm confused on how the gnomon could be aligned with both op1 and op2 on a simple 3axis mill part at the same time. It's always going to be wrong on one of the two as the z axis is always flipped.


As far as front and top views go I guess I've never thought about them as concrete. I just spin the part close to the view I want to see and then click the cube and it squares it all up


To each their own I guess

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in reply to: brkWHWS2

If I'm understanding your question correctly...yes you can. I do it on every model i bring in. I get the model positioned in xyz zero. Then under and to the right of the Gnomon is a drop down menu button. I open that and set current view as home or front face or top. depending on how the model is setting. OCD for LIFE!!!

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in reply to: brkWHWS2

Does Sync View Cube with active setup do what you need?



Mark Hughes
Owner, Hughes Tooling
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in reply to: brkWHWS2

Does turning this on do what you want?




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in reply to: drd_808

What would be ideal for me would be that when I click on a Setup, and work
on an operation in that setup, that the viewing gnomon could align with the
WCS defined in that Setup. It could be as easy as right-clicking on a setup,
and have the option to select: "align viewing gnomon with the defined WCS".
Then the model and toolpaths would orient as they would be in the mill. If
the next Setup defined the machining operations on the bottom of the part
for example, right-clicking on the setup and selecting "align viewing gnomon
with defined WCS", the model and toolpaths in this setup would change to
orient as these operations would be machined in the mill. It would be easy
to spot that the Origin or orientation are not defined as you want or the Z
depth was too deep, etc. Right-clicking a setup could also have the option
to "Revert to Standard Orientation". Not sure how difficult this kind of
option might be to program, but seems like most of the code is already
there, as we have the option now to define a home position, define a top or
front orientation, etc. Why not just make it easy to align the viewing
gnomon with the WCS?
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in reply to: brkWHWS2

That's what "Sync Viewcube with active setup" does when checked as 2 other users pointed out, if you click the Radio Button next to a Setup, it will align your view


There won't be a software update or feature update to accommodate your wish to click between views, as the View Cube can already be used to do this, and when programming operations with Tool Orientation etc it would become confusing to existing longterm workflows. This is a hyperspecific need that already essentially exists by being able to click the view cube


I guess you'll need to be very methodical with how you do your setup for your preference(s)

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in reply to: dwilliamsFM6K4

Where do you check "Sync Viewcube with active setup"? I can't find where
that is located.
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in reply to: brkWHWS2

It's down on the Toolbar, under the Setup icon


I keep all my parts in the current Origin position, as that way when they Revision out (common for my automotive parts) I can easily keep good toolpaths / Setups. I do always use a tooling plate with the Origin visible however in addition to Syncing Active Setup, it's very useful for visual checking as you see in my screenshot

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in reply to: jeff.pek

Yes, thank you!

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