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Can't seem to select entire exterior of drawing in cutting

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Can't seem to select entire exterior of drawing in cutting

Total newbee.. I am trying to convert a DXF to a cut file for a plasma table. Once I set up the tool in the manufacture for 2d and try to select the perimeter of the item to cut out I can only select each individual segment and not the entire perimeter. I can select the entire thing in the design section and I can select the interior sections to cut out just fine in the manufacture cut section . Not sure what I am doing wrong but I am getting really frustrated. Do I really need to select each segment and chain them together? If so do I really need to select each segment and then have to change the entry to reverse to cut on the outside each time? 


Thanks for your help,


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No, you don`t need to select every segment, there was a small break in the contour so I just zoomed in and in Design Mode and bridged the break with a Line, all seems to be working now 🙂

See image below for where the break is, just join the Contour up there and you should be good to go 🙂 🙂

Broken Contour-Milwaukee-M18.jpg


Modified file attached 🙂

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Thank you sooooooo much. Didn't consider that was possible when I was able to click on the outline in design. Now I know to look for the dot on the line. I tried to fix mine and failed but was able to see it worked in your modified version. Thanks for your help!!

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