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Can someone help me add Machine simulation to my Robo Drill Post Processor?

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Can someone help me add Machine simulation to my Robo Drill Post Processor?

I have tried to add machine simulation capability's to my post without success. I used this guide


Attached is my Post Processor, and Machine file (f3z).


This machine has a KME Trunnion which is controlled through the DPRNT Function, it has been modified to out put a M200 command before the A and C Codes. 


I would use the Fanuc Inspection post as it would also give me Inspect Surface functions, but it uses G68.2 and outputs IJK and I need to output A and C Codes prefixed with an M200. If that could be achieved that would actually be a better option.


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It looks like you need to set up your post file again.
I tested by replacing your machine simulation file with the Fanuc default and it works fine.


Trouble Points

1. set capabilities





2. machine settings are reset in post file → different from machine simulation settings

I think you will have to write a new robodrill post based on the Fanuc native post to solve this.


Good luck.


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