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Can "Stock box point" origin be made to update/relocate between setups with "From preceding setup," "Continue rest machining."

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Can "Stock box point" origin be made to update/relocate between setups with "From preceding setup," "Continue rest machining."

I was face-milling some slender parts susceptible to warping due to release of residual stresses. To mitigate, I wanted to face material off incrementally top and bottom. The starting stock was 1.25" thick and I wanted to take 1/16" off face A, flip and take 1/16" off face B, flip back and take off 1/16" to finish face A, and flip again and remove 1/16" to finish face B, ending at 1" thick. The only static Z location in these operations is the vise bed, so I wanted my stock box point origin to be at the bottom of the stock where it sat on the vise bed, so I could avoid having to re-probe with each flip.


Obviously, my stock "from preceding setup" got thinner with each flip and the original stock box point origin was machined away after the first flip. Still, I could not make the stock box point relocate to the new stock bottom each time the bottom was machined away after a flip.


Is there a way to pick a "Stock box point" origin on the (new) stock at the end of the preceding setup? Or, is the coordinate system not allowed to move when using "From preceding setup?" Fusion did not seem to have any issue with the coordinate system rotation associated with the flip, but the origin seemed to constrained to points only on the starting stock.


I ended up manually solving the issue using "Fixed box size" and appropriate "Offset from bottom" to get what I wanted. That's fine, but time-consuming and prone to error.




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No, the bounding box created by Stock Box Point in the first setup will not travel to subsequent setups


Just make 2 Facing operations which run the same toolpath operation twice with Bottom Z, and in the first toolpath have stock to leave equaling 1/16" and the second to model top and you'll finish at 1"


If you're not making features and just squaring / facing for residual stress you don't NEED to "flip" the setup digitally



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Alas, I am cutting features in addition to facing. I left out those details to keep my OP simple. Anyway, thanks for the clarification.

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You can create a separate body to designate AS stock and use that however, or an offset plane with a point to drive your WCS

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Yup been here before.  Seems like a very easy fix

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