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Can I use two tools to mill one component?

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Can I use two tools to mill one component?

Apologises in advance if this has already been asked but I couldn't find any posts about it.


I am milling some test clip tenon joints and would like some of the dogbones to be dia 3.17mm with others dia 6.35mm - on the same component.


Is there any way of doing this with the individual tools?  In other words, have one tool cut the 3.17mm dogbones but then a 6.35mm tool cut out the rest of the component?


I have attached the file, please bear with me as I am fairly new to fusion so the file is probably a little messier than you would hope for!


I know that I could just cut out the entire component with the 3.17mm tool but would rather not!


Thanks so much for any advice!



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You could try and switch around your tools, using the large cutter first and then following with the smaller cutter and utilizing the 'Rest Machining' function within the '2D Contour' tool path.

If you don't want the smaller cutter to finish down the narrow gullies in the male pieces just be more selective when choosing your contours than I was in the attached example.

Hope this helps.

PS> please see re the alarm in my example.

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Thank you @Fabbunny69 - I'll check it out now!
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Hey @Fabbunny69  thanks for the help.  The only issue I'm having now is that I cannont seem to just select the specific dogbones - which as your example shows means I would be cutting out the male part in its entirety.


I've had a go at making a seperate sketch just for the dogbones and contouring them, but as you can see below, it is still not cutting AND I would not want to have to do this for a larger project!


I guess, I just cut out it out using the smaller tool, and perhaps break the toolpath so that the bigger tool cuts the square end?


Thank you again!

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Ok,  I teaked the Corner Radius  and now it is only cutting the small areas!  Thank you!!!

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No Worries 👍

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