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Can I use Fusion 360 with our Biesse CNC Rover 3.30

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Can I use Fusion 360 with our Biesse CNC Rover 3.30

Hello All,


So our office uses Biesse Rover A 3.30 (its quite old machine, I think somewhere around 2007). They are stuck using the ArtCAM 2013 version, which is pretty old and pretty complicated in today standards to do 3D work.

So I am new here and was wondering if I can use Fusion 360 to export the file format that the machine can use, attached screen shot for info. Or any other ideas i would appreciate.


Since ArtCAM is no longer supported by Autodesk, is there any other software I can use, so I can import my 3D models, and send it to our cnc for milling?

Screenshot 2022-08-04 081038.png

Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 8.24.13 AM.png


Thanks All!

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There are two Post Processors available for Biesse Machines, whether either/both of them would be compatible to your control without any sample code to compare their output to is pure guesswork.


Meantime, see the attached file, it is of a simple 2D Contour for testing, as it has the extension of .cix I have had to put it in a Zip file to be able to attach to this reply, have a look at it and possibly test to see if your control will accept the .cix file, if not do you know what the extension should be as it is easily changed in the Post Processor.

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the extension when I use Biesse software is .iso

If I just rename the extension will it work?


Also how did you get those postprocessings? is there a menu I can play with and do some testings?

Sorry I am very new here, i am originally a 3D designer, and now trying to operate a Biesse machine, its quite complicated to what i used to do!

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Did you look at the code I uploaded ?? Does it look anything like your existing code ? Have you tried to load it into your Control ?


You need to create something simple like a square block in your Design mode for testing with, say 50mm square x 5mm thick, next you go to the Manufacture mode and create a Setup so that you have some stock to machine, then you can create a 2D Contour that you can Post Process code for your CNC Machine.

I have done a small Screencast that may help you get started and attached the file I created in the Screencast 🙂 🙂


Here is the link fir the HSM Post Processor library where you can find the Biesse Post Processors :-

Here is the link for the Screencast :-

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Short answer is: yes.


Long answer is: yes but you likely need to modify a post processor for your machine. I run a Biesse Rover A and Rover C from Fusion using ISO code, but both have substantially different code formats and both are different to other Biesse machines I've seen. The CIX format is quite different again.


You can find and engage a developer who is able to modify posts for you, likely at a substantial cost, or someone with time and drive can teach themselves online and reverse engineer code posted by another working system, such as ArtCAM, BiesseWorks, or bSolid.

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with V-Carve (Vectric) you can control the machine.



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