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CAM Setup Sheet is "Out of Date" - Is there a way to update?

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CAM Setup Sheet is "Out of Date" - Is there a way to update?

I created several setups for a cabinet I am making. I post-processed each setup, made a setup sheet with the NC Programs for each setup, and ran each program on my CNC. After that, I made changes to some of the toolpaths in each setup based on feedback from my CNC operators, then used the NC programs to post-process each new file. However, I can't find a way to update the Setup Sheet without creating a new Setup Sheet File entirely. 


Also, if I go to the Fusion Team website, each setup sheet previously saved has a big yellow banner saying "Out of date" without any option to update it.


Is there a way to update setup sheets after changes have been made to setups? Thank you!

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