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Cam Samples does NOT have Raptor anymore in workholding?

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Cam Samples does NOT have Raptor anymore in workholding?

I was doing a Autodesk class for Cam & Multi axis and it directed me to use Raptor in Cam samples. 

I had used them before for dovetail preps but not there anymoreNo raptor.JPG

CNC Machinist Education Network
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Yeah, there was some clerical issues to sort out. We should be seeing them added back in (if they have't yet). I'll raise this with the appropriate team..

Which fixture were you looking for? If you've used them before, do you have a file that would still have it and could you put them in a folder that is accessible to your students?

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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I know I can get the models from Raptor - but I liked the dovetail prep.   Plus the Autodesk course referred to those Raptor models

CAM Strategies for Multi-Axis Milling | Autodesk 

CNC Machinist Education Network
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Hi there

I am working on having them added to the course resources download. Keep you posted.

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Hello - the Raptor files have been added to the job set up module download and course download resources.  A disclaimer has also been added below the videos in which users are access the Raptor files.

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thanks - 

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