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CAM "2D Adaptive Milling Tutorial" issue

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CAM "2D Adaptive Milling Tutorial" issue

Hello Everyone,


I was working through the "2D adaptive milling" tutorial and I noticed that some stock material was left in the pocket after the finishing pass (see "pocket finish pass" image). After some research, I found the minimum radius analysis feature and checked the part (see "minimum radius" image).


The tutorial is using a 1/4" flat end mill, but the minimum radius that the geometry needs is 0.054 in. If my calculations are correct, even a 1/8" would be too big. I checked the document's tool library (see "Tool Library" image) and 1/4" is the smallest flat end mill available.


I took a step further and checked inside the "Fusion 360 Library -> Tutorial - Inch" and the smallest end mill is 3/16" (radius of 0.0937).


Am I overlooking something or is the design at fault?


PD: Maybe I'm being too picky with a tutorial that does a good job showcasing 2D adapting milling. However, as a beginner, I want to focus on precision and having a "perfect" end product.


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Did you try making a tool with a small enough diameter to accommodate the path?

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@chris2X4MY I searched the entire Fusion 360 library (not only the Tutorial's) and found a 1/16" Flat endmill, but the flute length is only 0.1875" (see "smallest endmill" image) and the height of the part is 0.325" (see "part measurement" image).


I suppose that I can create a new part, but I don't know if an endmill of those dimensions would work. I actually looked in the Machinery's Handbook 31st edition (pages 879-880) and I couldn't find a reference to an endmill smaller than 1/8"  


But more to the point, should that be expected of a beginner following a tutorial?

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@serrano.rafael1 what tutorial are you working through, I don't recognize those images. Please share the link so I may see what's the idea

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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That tutorial is just to show you the idea behind 2D Adaptive, how to set your stock and toolpath settings. Yes, if you wished to make the part perfectly, you'd need to pick out the two corners with a .094 endmill, a good option would be this one here:

(not affiliated in any way with Harvey Tool, I just use their products a LOT in my own shop)

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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@seth.madore  Thank you for the reply. I will create the tool and try to finish the part. I also appreciate you sharing the Harvey Tool website, I'll check their catalog to have a better idea of what other tools are out there.

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