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CAM/Post for Bystronic

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CAM/Post for Bystronic

Has anyone been able to use the fusion cam to run a Bystronic laser? Fusion gives the option for a Bystronic post but, it’s M and G code is incorrect.




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Hi @adam.buckley.primary 


I can help. The post looks to use M4 for laser on and M5 for beam off. 



It may be hard to see in the above but the on/off commands come from lines 399 and 402 and is shown below.




Change the "4" to whatever you need for ON (it will paste in the M).  Change the 5 as needed for OFF


 Save it and post. Does that do it?


Kyle Kershaw

Technical Consultant
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Thanks for responding Kyle! Unfortunately, this does not fix the program. And to be honest, I'm a bit of a newbie with the G and M code. It won't let me attach LCC files to view in VB but, I've attached the TXT files for two programs, one written in autdesk and one on an online program called Nest&Cut. That's what we're using right now but it is very limited in what you can control. It looks as though Autodesk is calling out the G1 before the M5 and it appears as though it's only needed on the M4 command. Again, not my strong suit here and there may be something else I'm missing.


Thank you for your help!

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You will need to get a custom post processor written if the generic posts are not providing the required output for your machine. I offer post processor development services and happy to work out a solution for your machine! Message me if still needing assistance. 

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Fusion 360 CAM Post Processor Expert

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