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CAM for cylindrical pocket

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CAM for cylindrical pocket

Fusion is not letting me machine this recess in a cylindrical object using a 4th axis.  When I try to do a pocket, it says "Pocket Selections: Cannot unwrap cyclic geometry."  However if I extrude a small beam between the sides of this cylinder (see 2nd picture) and I do a pocket, Fusion will generate a toolpath but Im of course left with unwanted geometry  2D adaptive has the same effect.  A 2D contour keeps generating an empty toolpath. 


How can I machine this pocket in this cylinder?  Thanks in advance.  Part attached here.








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This is an unfortunate limitation of the Wrap toolpaths, they cant do a fully wrapped pocket.


There is sort of a hack to get them to work where you make split faces and can machine part way around and then part way around from the other side with some overlap.


unfortunately this seems to be a bit broken since the last update and I can get the 2d adaptive part to work but not the 2d contour.


the 2d contour tangential extensions no  longer seem to wrap around the part and I'm pretty sure they used to.


Also came across a Bad Graphics bug when selecting the wrap face in 2d adaptive see below:

grapics bug.png



The best way to machine these is with the new rotary toolpaths which are currently in Preview but will become part of the machining extension.


I have attached an example with a setup for the rotary toolpaths and another showing the 2d adaptive and the partial 2dcontour, but i cant get the 2d contour to work on the opposite side.



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@a.laasW8M6T I've got a ticket open for the Extensions in 2D Wrap, it's being looked at!

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: a.laasW8M6T

Thank you very much, this looks great!  But I'm not exactly sure what you did.  I see that you made a duplicate body but how did you get the sectioned face on the cylindrical surface?  I model primarily in Solidworks, still learning Fusion modeling.

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So I made the duplicate body for the "Rotary" toolpath to stop it from skipping over or machining into the holes.


I should have had design history turned on but i rarely use uploaded 3rd party files and forgot(actually I do but a very different workflow)


the faces were Split using planes at an angle and then using them as the tool for the Split face function 

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Perfect, I'll check that out, thanks again!

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