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CAD to Production

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CAD to Production

I have been given the Robotics class and I would like for the students to be able to produce the part from their CAD drawings and then create the part with a 3D printer and eventually on a CNC machine (we don't have any yet). Which CAD program is best; Inventor (I am familiar with) or Fusion 360?

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What age are the students, and are they coming from another CAD system, or is this new for them?


The answer, either way, is Fusion 360. In Fusion, we can design/model the part, create the drawing, create g-code for the 3D printer, and finally program the machine. Yes, Inventor can do most of this, but... does it run on a Mac? Is it super accessible for students on any PC/Mac device?


Of course, I'm biased, and rather much so 😄

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Students are high school students and the best they have gotten is
AutoCAD. The engineering teacher only teaches AutoCAD and Sketchup. I
taught Revit and Inventor.

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