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Bug: Ramp Tool path with T-slot cutter and undercut stuck at 100%

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Bug: Ramp Tool path with T-slot cutter and undercut stuck at 100%

Fusion version 15291


I have several cam programs which use a T-slot cutter to do a ramp of an undercut feature. While trying to make a new program the processing of the tool path is stuck at 100% but the tool path is not generated. I have tried on 2 computers and let one process overnight for 8 hours and both are stuck at 100%. Processing to 100% takes a normal amount of time, around 3-4 minutes. But once at 100% the tool path is not completed and the  


I have opened some of my old Fusion CAM programs with the same feature and they have a valid tool path. However, if I duplicate the Ramp feature when it generates the tool path it also gets stuck at 100%. 





I have uninstalled and reinstalled fusion and still have the same problem.


In the attached file "Undercut1" was done in 2021 and "Undercut2" is a duplicated copy of the ramp feature that I created today. I cleared the tool path and did not change any features and then it can no longer generate the path.

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Turn off "In Process Stock" in the Utilities tab, toolpath generates in 582 seconds:


Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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That worked for me. Thanks




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