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Brother Speedio optimised post (incl Blum probing support)

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Brother Speedio optimised post (incl Blum probing support)

Hi, I've been maintaining a fork of the Autodesk Brother Speedio post (which should also be useful for R/F/M machines). Recently autodesk made a lot of changes to their base post to re-organise things, and I've recently rebased my work onto that latest autodesk post. See here:



The changes are neatly broken out so that if you have a reason you can't take the whole post, you can grab individual features easily. See:



Can I encourage Autodesk to pull some of these changes back into their mainline? At the very minimum the tool change fixes, coolant timing, tool break, smoothing/accuracy and Blum probing.


However, I would be interested to get a discussion on changes like this:

Arguably the autodesk post is incorrect and would benefit from reverting to use this change?


The change list summarises the changes quite well. Main changes that I use daily are:

- Tool length measurement at the start of the program

- Tool length checks (no zero length tools - tool is equal/longer on the machine than in Fusion)

- Probing fixes for Blum spindle probes. You can now probe the stock and non WCS zero locations, also holes and more. (I'm working on adding inspection)

- Partial support for probing rotation. Also fixes Renishaw rotation probing! See my instagram (@hi_fly_cnc) for examples of probing a round object and rotating the WCS to match the part rotation

- Bug fixes for M298 smoothing/accuracy

- Per op M298 smoothing. Gives you full control to turn on L2 (full roughing) where needed or L1 (fast finishing) to save time. Or force L5 (finishing). We also force on finishing modes for many 2D operations

- Probe cycles are much faster as we turn on the probe and leave it on for all moves (even across multiple moves)

- Tool changes are faster and coolant comes on before the tool hits the part due to adjusting G100 to handle everything


There are lots more smaller changes such as tapping changes to stop it spinning like a drill and inspection ops to move the table to the door and more. However, arguably those are user specific and I could understand if Autodesk didn't want to pull those upstream.

I'm available to do consultancy work on your post if needed, but broadly speaking my goal with this post is to aggregate all the changes that everyone is doing on their personal post and give us all a better starting point. So broadly speaking if it's a change that could benefit many Brother users then hit me up with your idea and I'll look to add it to this public post.

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@edautodesk69XS4 thanks for the effort you've put in to this, I've raised this with the Post Development team!

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Thanks. I plan to add angled probing and fix a bug in the inner corner probing, by around monday after the weekend. More to follow


Videos of successful probing on my instagram:

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in reply to: edautodesk69XS4

Thanks @edautodesk69XS4 for sharing,

I'm happy that our post-processing system is free and open-source that allows users to make changes.
It's amazing how open the community is to sharing their experiences and work.

We can use some of your ideas such as tool measurements at the beginning of the program as in our other posts.
We try to make the programs in our library accessible to as many users as possible, so we do not implement non-standard or custom solutions that require additional controller options.

Sr. Technical Consultant
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Thanks for listening. Just note that the vast majority of these changes should be acceptable upstream and do not require "additional controller options". So probably one of the main changes is the fixes to the Blum probe support. Autodesk currently has limited support for this, but the integration is incomplete and faulty.


Note that Blum sell their probing systems for use on all machines. So whilst they are particularly popular with Brother owners, they are by no means limited to that. I suspect Blum would be interested in you pulling the Probing improvements across all "fanuc alike" posts?


Leaving the probe turned on across multiple uses is also a huge speedup (feedback from 2 users was 30-60seconds of cycle time improbement). This could be pulled across all posts (including Haas etc)


Many of the other things are smaller details, but quite important to the running of the machine, such as formatting things correctly.


One item which needs additional consideration on Brother machines is the accuracy mode handling. This is a huge part of ensuring these machines run correctly and quickly. Unfortunately there is a little bit of art needed here. But certainly certain 2D operations need careful handling and there is a "problem" with the finishing modes in that they are "exact stop", so many people will prefer something like L1 for finishing (which isn't possible in the autodesk post).


Thanks if you can consider pulling as many of these changes possible into the standard post?

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