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Brother Speedio M200 ABC/IJK Formats

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Brother Speedio M200 ABC/IJK Formats

I am currently working on a joint project with Brother, the machine manufacturing company, to promote their new M200 and M300 models alongside Fusion 360. I had tried working with the available Brother posts to create a working post but during testing we ran into trouble with the code that Fusion gave us. We quickly pulled together a post from a Fanuc base (as we needed IJK code but machine settings and various issues arose and we did have time to fix the problems). Anyway, Ive got a post (for now) that works for the model we want to cut for the promotion. I just was wondering if there was a way to get an ABC format for the OnSection Opening, then have IJK for the actual tool pass. 

I will attach our post file, however I cannot attached the model. I can see it is a blade (like an airplane or fan blade) that we've taken a whole lot of time to get the perfect 5D passes to make half decent part. 


N1 G100 T1 D1
S5000 M03
G00 I1. J0. K0. [I want this to be the appropriate ABC code]
G90 G00 X79.694 Y-6.985
G43.5 Z12. H01
G00 X79.694 Y-6.985 Z12. I1. J0. K0.
X45.638 Y-4. Z12. I1. J0. K0.
X45. Y-4. Z12. I1. J0. K0.
G01 X21. Y-4. Z12. I1. J0. K0. F333.
X21. Y-4. Z12. I1. J0. K0. F1000.
X21.04 Y-3.78 Z12. I0.999945 J0.010489 K0.
X21.049 Y-3.724 Z12. I0.999914 J0.013138 K0.
X21.049 Y-3.723 Z12. I0.999913 J0.013187 K0.
X21.086 Y-3.515 Z12. I0.999735 J0.023021 K0.


(BALL END MILL D=12. R=6.)
N2 G100 T2 D2
S5000 M03
G00 I1. J0. K0. [I want this to be the appropriate ABC code]
G90 G00 X86.906 Y-1.076
G43.5 Z9. H02
G00 X86.906 Y-1.076 Z9. I1. J0. K0.
X38.526 Y5.351 Z9. I1. J0. K0.
G01 X31.934 Y6.226 Z9. I1. J0. K0. F333.
X14.584 Y6.226 Z9. I1. J0. K0.
X14.584 Y6.226 Z9. I1. J0. K0. F1000.
X13.951 Y6.243 Z9. I1. J0. K0.


I have tried a couple of things to try to remedy the situation. The most promising a was replacing the writeBlock code with


writeBlock(gMotionModal.format(0), " A" + abcFormat.format(abc.x), " B" + abcFormat.format(abc.y), " C" + abcFromate.format(abc.z);

However, while the IJK code is 

I1 J0 K0

the ABC code comes out weird

A57.235 B0 C0


If I change the machine setting to make it spit out ABC from the beginning I get a normal

A0. C0. for the line. So I'm not really sure if it's even possible at this point.



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Hi.  I've never touched a Brother in my entire life.  I'm a little confused (as you could imagine).  Are you trying to command an ABC preposition before you activate the Brother version of Tool Center Point Control? 

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Have you tried contacting Autodesk Post Processor department?

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Yes, that's exactly right. I want a ABC preposition before the IJK. The brother specialist requested it. 

To be fair, we got around it by hand coding it into the script, and ended up using a Fanuc based post instead of the brother post we have since we were only using 5th axis and not any turning toolpaths. But I'd really like to make the brothers post work, as it has script for turn-mill operations.

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