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Boring/Threading Tool Retract

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Boring/Threading Tool Retract

I've attached my file, how do i get my ID boring and threading tools to not retract in x into the part?

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In both cases you had you clearance radius set as stock ID, but the part is starting from solid stock so the tool will always retract to centerline.


If you set to model ID with an offset then it retracts fine:



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Thank you! I have one more question and have reattached file, why is my threading bar not passing through the bore and showing collision?

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The reason you are seeing a collision is that you are cutting a 0.1" pitch thread but you tool is only 0.04" pitch

Screenshot 2023-08-27 101506.png

If you change this to 0.1 then there is no more collision.


For the tool to pass through the bore you need to turn confinement on and give some value to want the tool to go past:

Screenshot 2023-08-27 101649.png

I added 0.1" past but you can make it whatever you need.


The frontside offset needs to be there to allow the tool to infeed in air rather than rapid into the material and also there needs to be a distance in front of the part for the tool to accelerate up to the correct threading feed from stationary.


The formula for this distance is 0.002 X Thread lead X RPM

so in this case 0.002x0.1x1200=0.24


So I made it 0.25

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