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bore milling in drill Operation no longer possible with Face mill!?

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bore milling in drill Operation no longer possible with Face mill!?

Hi all!

I am of the opinion that I have done the bore milling before with Face Mills!

But now it no longer works!

Or am I mistaken that it was possible and if so, why can't it be done!????


With flat endmill all work fine!



But with face mill:




I could of course just create a flat endmill as a facemill, but then the output in the tool list would be completely wrong.
If I were working alone this would not be a problem, but I would give the whole thing to work through!




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Hmmm, maybe it was the 2D Bore toolpath that you used before ?? That does work with a Face Mill Tool 🙂

File attached.

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in reply to: engineguy

Yeah I know that it works with 2D bore mill, but it results in masses of data, with the cycle version I have only a nice cycle! 😉
Even if I am wrong and it was not possible before, it is still very incomprehensible why tools that work well for such operations are blocked!

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Because it's a "Drill" cycle (yes, you've selected Bore, but it's primary action is "Drill"), I don't think a Facemill has ever been possible for selection. I can ask around as to the "why", but it may take a bit.

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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it may be preventative since most face mills are not center cutting and can't blind bore into a hole unless its a certain % of the tool Dia. I'd just cheat with an endmill of the same Dia and tool # or use 2D bore, as suggested. I didn't even know you could from the Drill menu. 



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