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Blending a circular groove without crashing.

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Blending a circular groove without crashing.

Learning Fusion and I want to machine a boss on a plate. I want to start at the boss as if the finished plate were very thin. I am using Contour2D. to mill several circular slots. When I do this, the tool path swings out to blend at the bottom of the slot. I want to avoid this. I would like to stay on the milling path and blend up to avoid tool stop mark. See drawing. How do I do this? Note my tool is designed for shallow cuts only.

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If you go to the linking Tab and turn off the lead out, the tool will finish the cut and then retract straight up:

lead out.png


You also have the option of turning off "Same as Lead-in" and then you can modify the lead out paramters as you see fit.:


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If I am making an oring groove that is the same width as my tool, 2DContour will not spiral down , cover the bottom and spiral out at least some to avoid tool stop mark. Is that correct?

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Here is another thought. If I need to mill cut a shape out of 1/2" plate. I use 2DContour to cut the shape by spiraling to the bottom. I lift out like you said. no problem. The cut is ugly. I offset by 0.005"  and repeat but with a faster helix to get  a clean cut. How do I get out without making a tool mark? I use spiral in/out a lot if I have a two flute tool that has two small blemishes at the same depth of cut to avoid the blemish mark by the tool.

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Try using "finishing overlap" 



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