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Better way to name .tap files on post?

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Better way to name .tap files on post?

When post processing, is there a way to get Fusion to use the operation name as defined in the Browser as the Program Name? 1001 means nothing to me and I have to specify a human readable name every time. It's a little tedious and very error prone if I need to repost things. 


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Instead of just post processing your code and then manually renaming your file, might I suggest an alternative?

Select your Setup, right click and select "Create NC Program". You are then given this dialog:


 If you notice in the image above, you can specify program number, file name as well as any comment you want put in the first line of the program.

I'm assuming you're using the Mach3 post (there are many that create a .tap file)?

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Thanks for your reply.


I do use the filename filed (vs renaming it in Finder/File Explorer). I might not have been very clear on that point! I guess what I'm looking for is a way to prepopulate the filename field with:

1) The operation name (I tend to post each op by itself, vs the whole setup) or

2) Remember what it saved to the last time


Where I get into trouble is refining an operation and getting the various versions all mixed up. I'd prefer to replace the previous file, but if I don't type the name in just right, it lays it down along side.


I'm using Avid's post.

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in reply to: bentwookie

It sounds like you should use the NC Programs in the browser. 

When you post a new program make sure you have "Create in browser" check box enabled. Then it will create an NC Program in the browser, this can be edited and name etc can be stored you can edit operations repost and it will overwrite your file. 







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in reply to: bentwookie

Ah. That will do it! Thanks! 


Having the post panel remember what filename it used for the operation last would be a nice enhancement request (for me anyway).

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in reply to: bentwookie

I agree it would be nice if it remembered the last name, especially useful when proving out programs bit by bit. 


You can set it to a default name by using the three dots icon. 




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