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Best workflow for mulit-setup parts?

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Best workflow for mulit-setup parts?

I'm making some table legs with a CNC router. The legs are roughly rectangular, but they have tapers on two sides, one mortise on one side, and two mortises on a different side. Furthermore, the legs have a "mirror image" relationship, so that there are actually 2 sets of 2 legs to make. The upshot is that the stock needs to be located on the spoilboard in multiple different positions. I do this by boring holes in the spoilboard and inserting alignment pins as needed. I have this worked out so that I can create a single set of holes at the beginning and achieve every position I need by moving the pins and the stock around.


I model this in fusion as a single "fixture" that represents a part of my spoilboar wiht all the aligbnment holes in place. I model the fixtures, pins, and clamps in fusion so that I can ensure against crashing into stuff when I make the actual part. I'm not actually relying on fusion's collision detection here, I just want to see everything in simulation before I try to cut the actual parts. In fusion, this leads to multiple different setups with multiple different fixtures, but as already mentioned, the fixtures are all clones of the same component. I attach the fixture clones to my parts with joints to align them properly and ensure they don't move around. I have found ways to get all this to work, but it seems overly tedious to work with. I'm hoping somebody with more experience can suggest a better approach or a different workflow for this scenario.


What I find tedious is that when I want to work with a particular setup I need to 1. make visible the correct version of the leg and the correct version of the fixture for the setup visible. 2. Hide everything else to reduce visual clutter. 3. orient the camera to a good poistion for viewing the leg and fixture so machining is right side up and axes are similar to where they will be in the real operation to avoid confusion. I tend to go through all those setups multiple times as I refine and simulate my toolpaths.  I tried associating named views with my setups, but those don't seem to control visibility, just the camera position. 


1. Is there a better approach to this whole problem of modeling multiple setups for a single part?

2. If not, is there a more efficient approach to setting the visibility and view for each setup?


Thanks in advance for your help.


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