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Best way to "clean up" this machining (?)

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Best way to "clean up" this machining (?)

Hey there,


So I have been running some fairly simple operations on our CNC machine and have had lots of success, but I wanted to ask for more opinions about this one before I run it. (I will attach a screenshot and the F360 file too.)


I am making this pool bar sign for a friend and I got a little carried away with some of the detail in the sign design, so now I have to figure out the best way to machine this out of MDF. (I can use solid oak if I need to, just in case the details are too rough to cut out on MDF.)


Basically what I am asking is for someone to take a quick look at my file and see if there is a way to clean it up. Or perhaps I should be using a completely different operation (?) I created this file weeks ago when I was still learning F360 so the toolpaths are a little funky in my opinion. On parts of the operations the tool sort of jumps around the piece in a random fashion. It's a lot of back and forth across the piece. If this is the correct way to do this, let me know, but I just wanted a second set of eyes on this file before I run it on the machine.


If you have any tips on something I could change, any advice is welcome!

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Here is the screenshot and the Fusion 360 file. Thank you again!

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"On parts of the operations the tool sort of jumps around the piece in a random fashion. It's a lot of back and forth across the piece."


That is just how the software algorithms work, You cant try [Keep tool down] on the last linking tab and set it to most. Looks alright from the picture but I did not actually download it cause its an assembly. You were missing a couple things like the inside of the letter "o" in open but you seem like your on the right path.

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Thank you for the reply,


I will have to play around with it some more. I get what you mean, although I still am confused as to why the tool starts milling in one area, then it retracts and moves to the opposite side of the model to start milling a new area, and then jumps back to a new area, and so on. I am new to this but seems like it would be less complicated if the milling moved from one area to another smoothly instead of jumping around so much. Maybe there is a way to clean up the paths. I will keep testing until it is smooth.


Thank you

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