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Best way to handle a 3d chamfer?

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Best way to handle a 3d chamfer?

I'm surprised we don't yet have a 3d toolpath for chamfer that isn't behind a much bigger paywall. I don't do any 4/5 axis so paying another $1450 on top of the yearly sub isn't worth it for me.


In any case, I have some profiles that 2d chamfer won't work for. I have used Trace with a ball endmill, but I don't like the finish. It breaks the edge but creates two more softer ones instead of flattening it out like a 45* would do. Does anyone have some good suggestions on how to mimic the deburr toolpath since that one is locked out behind the Machining Extension?




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You can use a bigger ballmill, which, as bigger it gets, the more "45deg flat" it gets.

But, you can also use your normal chamfermill with trace, in the case of the part you showed.  The gentle slopes will be fine with a chamfermill.  When you get steeper stuff, you are stuck with a ballmill.  But try trace with your chamfermill, it will be good on this part.  The chamfers will not be 100% equal everywhere, but because you have such gentle slopes, it should look good everywhere.


EDIT: with steeper angles, even a ballmill will not give good results with trace using model edges.  At a certain point, you need to construct some geometry using sweep, which would represent the center of the ball on the ballmill, then you can do anything with a ballmill.

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Model the chamfer and use Scallop or Flow

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Can I use scallop or flow with a 45* mill, or will it require a ball for that? Any way to offset the tool from the line so that I'm not always cutting with the same part of the chamfer mill?


Just love how easy the Chamfer path is and a little disappointed that the 3d version is locked away. 

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did you try trace with your 45deg chamfermill?

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I have not. My concern was that since it centers over the line it would always be trying to cut with the weakest part of the chamfer mill, instead of offsetting it so I could cut with the stronger part and have more control over the chamfer width. 

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so add some sideways compensation? You do not have to cut with the tool tip

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Newish to this so will have to read how to do that. 

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Okay, I think I got it figured out with a trace, left compensation, and chamfer checked.


Thanks all!

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