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basic toolpath made difficult. Machining along angled surface.

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basic toolpath made difficult. Machining along angled surface.

I haven't been able to figure this out without having to extend the surface of my part in the model.  All I would like to do is machine straight on to the part, down a angled surface using incremental stepdowns.  The closest iv'e been able to achieve this is by using flow with the preview on but it wants to start machining from the bottom up which obviously is no good!  If anyone can figure an easy way to do this that would be most helpful!

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Here is the link to what I am talking about.



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I believe with the Flow toolpath you should be able to click arrows and get it to start at different locations, including from top to bottom.  If you wanted to share your .f3d file here I could take a quick peek and see if I can help.

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I hope you can find a solution it would be most appreciated.

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Have you tried using just the "Flow" without the "Preview", see image below and attached Fusion file.

angled surface.jpg


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I was able to reproduce like @engineguy with a flow tool path.  Hopefully either of these work for you!

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Yes I have done that but the only problem is with normal flow you cannot control the actual measurement of stepover ie. 0.03".  You can only control the number of stepovers. so I guess this works, you just have to do the math and calculate the distance of stepover where I would like to be able to input the actual distance, like you can in the preview, and have it work.

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