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Barfeed after barpull with sub

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Barfeed after barpull with sub

Hi everyone


I got a piece and I am kinda stuck with it.

I do a barpull the do some more work and part off then i barfeed but I cannot figure out whzt the barfeef distance would be...


I start 25mm out of the chuck


Then 1mm cut to smooth the front


Then subspindle comes and moves 7mm over the part And grabs part


Then I move out 67mm (workpiece is 75mm (67 + 1mm of smoothing + 7mm of spindle grab)

Then some more lathe work and part of


Then i want to barfeed, i would say i should be 78.11mm (cuting tool is 3.11mm)

But it does not seem to work... i does not get back to 25mm...

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okay, what does it go to? And what machine are you using, and how are you using Fusion to program your bar pull?

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: seth.madore

First time went to 26mm and then i proceeded the job (cut of 2mm at once)

2e time it went to 50mm out of the spindle...


Spindlereturn - keep both spindles closed and offset to 67mm
Then another spindle return to zero

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