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Ball Nose taper tools in library not being created correctly

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Ball Nose taper tools in library not being created correctly

Hey all,


This seems to be a bug.  Only effecting ball and bull nose tapered bits.  All of my bits that previously worked fine are no longer being modeled correctly in the tool library and the resulting toolpath simulation seems to reflect the incorrect modeling of those bits.  If I check old files that used these bits, the simulation works correctly unless I regenerate the toolpath.  It seems like it is currently impossible for me to create an accurate ballnose tapered bit and program tool paths.  Any one else having this issue?

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Yes I am having this same exact issue. It started randomly 2 days ago. I've seen a couple other threads of people also having this issue, but no engagement from anyone with possible solutions. My work around for now is to change the tool type from tapered to just ball nose. Not the greatest, but it works for me for finish passes with very small stepdowns.

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Thank you both. The issue was raised here too, A workaround is given there. @seth.madore has opened CAM-44401 for this.

Lokesh Kalia
Senior Manager, Software Development

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