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Avoiding Vertical/normal Surfaces on Finishing Operations

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Avoiding Vertical/normal Surfaces on Finishing Operations

Hey Internet!


I'm trying to find a fool proof method for surface finishing operations to avoid vertical, 2d cuts that intersect 3d geometry, aka a bolting hole that is bored out in middle of the beautiful 3d surface. For reasons I'm trying to understand, the finishing operations love to touch 90 degree vertical cuts. 


I have used the avoid surface tool - which is not an issue when there are only a couple surfaces to worry about. When there are hundreds of surfaces to worry about and you miss that tiny sliver of a vertical surface however...the machine plunges down a long cavity and loud noises happen. 


I have also used the slope tool to skip the "avoid selection" process. This process works ok, however, it comes up short when the 3d surface is undulating between concave and convex surfacing. Requiring another finishing strategy to the transition surfaces. 


I've patched holes in surfaces and this method also works well, but can be very time consuming when there are hundreds to do and the 3d surfacing is complex. 


So Basically, I'm wondering if there is a fool proof method for the surfacing operations to avoid vertical/normal surfaces. There is an avoid flat areas button on select operations, can there be an avoid normal surfaces button as well? Or is there another strategy? Are people commonly finishing 2d contour style cuts with ball end mills?


I would love a general rule - Ball end mills = hands off any cuts that should be 2d contours. 


I've made a simple example of the issue I'm trying to solve.  




vertical paths.png




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