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Arrange - Cant finish my layout to envelopes before lock-up

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Arrange - Cant finish my layout to envelopes before lock-up

 Any ideas on a work-around to this locking up problem using Arrange?
You can see it successfully arranged about 80 of my parts quickly, but as soon as I click on the middleseat it, it locks up.  Been waiting for about 30mins for it to finish now.
I've tried selecting them in different order.  Ive tried doing two arrange operations but it overlays them on existing layout.
I updated drivers, and Fusion, didnt help.
I downloaded the trial for the multi-envelope arrange.  My router man is waiting for the layout
Sorry but I cant share the model.  I sure hope I can easily export this as a dxf when im done to send to the router man.


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I replied to your other thread. It's best to keep the discussion in one thread, that allows us to best assist you as well as direct other Fusion customers when they run into similar issues.

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing

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