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Apparently I don't understand the WCS as much as I thought I did.

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Apparently I don't understand the WCS as much as I thought I did.

I am designing a secondary spoil board for my CNC (Shapeoko Pro XXL) and I'm getting a strange behavior I don't understand.  I design with the WCS in the lower left corner and seems to be ok.  Then I go to manufacturing and the WCS is as expected in the lower left corner.  But as soon as I start doing the tool paths, another WCS (smaller) shows up in the center of the piece.  Apparently, that is the one that the CNC pays attention to.  I can't find a way to move it the the lower left as it should be.   I'm sure its a stupid user trick but I'm at a loss to understand what I need to do.  Granted, I typically run from the center point of the part, but in this case, I tried to start moving back to the lower left as it is much easier to zero everything from that corner.


I'm attaching the file.   As you will notice by v number, I've been trying to figure this out through many iterations.




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I think it is the fact that you needed to designate the Box Point as the lower left corner in your Setup Configuration.  Also I would place a 1 in the WCS Offset box just to be safe.  Model attached.




Box Point.jpg

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Thank You.  That did it.  I guess I still have a lot to learn.

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