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Anyone using Fusion CAD with a different CAM software?

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Anyone using Fusion CAD with a different CAM software?

We've got one multi-channel lathe at the moment and looking to add more. We design/mfg our own products from beginning to end, but Fusion CAM doesn't support multi-channel programming (or decent drawings 🙂 ) and apparently won't any time soon, so we're looking at getting a full-featured CAM package like Esprit to handle proper machine sim, wait codes, etc because the posting/editing process right now, even with our heavily-customized post, is laborious and human-error-prone. 


Anyone here currently doing that? If so, what are you using for CAM and what's your typical workflow look like? Can you update the model, re-export to your CAM, and not have to redo the whole programming process from scratch?

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This sounds something more appropriate to be asking of the Esprit reseller 🤔

It all depends on if that other CAM package has a solid method of handling model changes. It's been many years since I've used Esprit (last job used that for programming everything) but I don't recall it being terribly easy to update/modify models and the built in "cad" package was laughable at best, with just enough tools to allow some flexibility.


Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Hi @steveHDPJT 


Autodesk does have a solution for multi-turret lathes.  FeatureCAM can support up to 4 channels and has full simulation and synchronization capabilities.


FeatureCAM doesn't connect directly to Fusion, but it can read in models from Fusion (I do it all the time).  There is also a  Vault component where if the model does change within the design state, the FeatureCAM user would be aware of that change.


If you'd like more information on this, send me a DM and we can get you more information on this.

Christopher Marion
Autodesk Canada
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Thanks for the suggestion. Honestly, it's not really something I'm super enthusiastic about based on prior encounters with Featurecam/Partmaker and Autodesk's history of changing user agreements on subscription software, and the self-evident "some of these software packages are going to disappear sooner or later", but would be open to discuss it.

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